Mirror TV special

Mirror TV according to the standard design and production of professional plating glass, in the guarantee of high reflective Mirror effect at the same time provide high penetration and low reflective LCD area comfort perspective effect.We can the designer according to your requirements for your customization production and installation of a mirror can achieve 3 * 3 m size, for you to design.

Magnets device

Mirror TV with this device may not be restricted by environment will LCD easily installed on the back of the glass.It not only makes the land surface TV installation time, because it is so easy to get off, make the maintenance and maintenance of LCD also become simple and easy.The technology makes the installation of the mirror TV is very flexible and simple, almost no longer restricted by installation location and environment.Using this device can be easily to mirror TV installed directly on the back of the mirror/glass.

Embedded mode

Mirror TV with fixing device can realize seamless display and a zero distance of the Mirror effect, the guest no seam at all angles.

Ventilation cooling

The Mirror TV products don't need ventilation cooling device.So power consumption is extremely low, and there is no noise moistureproof and durable

Mirror TV products are low power consumption, its waterproof level also meet IPX4.Therefore, completely can be installed in the bathroom environment.

The external power supply

The Mirror TV external power make the product easy to maintain, and is conducive to heat dissipation.

Remote control

* the RF (radio frequency) model remote < br / > * ordinary LCD TV USES is the IR (infrared) model of the remote control.< br / > * but the IR remote control the mode of signal cannot penetrate glass material.< br / > * can be used in any environment.< br / > * if IR model is used, it must be on the equipment, thus increasing the cost.< br / > < br / >

High standard quality of the product

Mirror TV all the products are research and development, production and promotion of all adopt the industry standards.